5 Best Job Portals for Koreans in Singapore


More and more people are finding a job abroad, but it is really difficult to find a job without any knowledge of it. And I was like that. I wanted to go out but had no idea about how things worked out. So, I’m writing this article to help people who are like me.

There are three ways to find a job abroad. 1) Getting offered a job by an acquaintance. 2) Using an Agency. 3) Using a job portal site. I cannot say which way is better because everyone has different situations. The first way, which is getting the job offer through an acquaintance can be the easiest way, so no need to talk about it.

The second way, which is using an Agency, can be a good way for someone who wants to get a job abroad but has no information and also it is good for someone who has general major or working experience. Actually, I chose this method to come over Singapore because I wanted to change my career and I didn’t know the route. Even though it cost some money, I didn’t think it’s a waste because I was so desperate and I thought it could be the last chance. I was working in Korea at that time, so didn’t have enough time to search for the jobs so I paid them to look for a job for me. So if you use an Agency, it can help you to save time and they can find you the right field that you want to work in. Besides, they trained me to have professional interview skills. In a time-saving and convenient way, it is helpful and recommended.

However, not all agency is the same. There are two different Agency styles. One is located in Korea and the other agency is in Singapore. Like Korean local people know well about the Korean job market, I believe that Singapore local recruiters know much better about Singapore companies. Not only that, it is difficult to be a recruiter in Singapore and they must take a test called CEI to be an official recruiter. After studying and taking the test about Singapore recruitment law and everything, recruiters can work professionally.

The last way is using job portal site and among them, Monster, Jobstreet and indeed is popular in APAC. These sites are the actual ones that recruiters find out candidates. So you have to post your resume here.
1. Monster.com

Candidates can write down the keywords about the job and post it with the resume. You can write down the current salary and expected salary and nationality and how many years you have been in the industry. Monster provides an at-a-glance view of candidate status. That’s why it is easy for the recruiters to find a right resumes.
2. Indeed

Indeed is the global site and the boundary is so wide. You can write the keyword and specific place. Then job type and company is revealed. And you can see the job description followed.
3. Job Street

Job Street is the number one Singapore vacancies and career site. Compared to other sites, there are many professional resumes in the Job-street and recruiters can get those resume easily through their e-mail and can respond fast. Even some Koreans said through Job -street, he could get several different calls.

In short, 1. Make a nice resume. Especially when you write your working experiences, recent one should be on top.

  1. Find a suitable job for you
  2. Click apply
  3. A recruiter will get your resume
  4. If they find you suitable, they will call you

Therefore, you should update your resume and select or write the right keywords for you; accounting, collection, Korean, and speaking Korean.
4. Linkedin

Linked in is the worldwide business type of facebook and this is superior in quality and quantity. Candidate can find out the company where they are trying to apply or get an offer more specifically; who is the recruiter and what’s the department is like. Company HR manager can directly contact you, and it is advantageous for someone who has some careers and wants to work at a large company. But the most important thing, before applying, is that you have to make your LinkedIn look organized. Put every career you have and connect with as many people as possible, this way you can make your LinkedIn network strong.
5. Hangukchon

Hangukchon(한국촌) is the website only for Koreans who are living in Singapore. This site can help Koreans in a various way. The posting boundary is varied including good restaurant, housing information, travel information, club information, any question about Singapore, job information. This site is really easy to post a job and find a job. Also, usually a Korean company and restaurant post the job, so it is beneficial for someone who is lack of English skill. But of course, the poor English skill goes with the small job scope. It has more about service job and part-time.