Following up: why it is very important


What do you do if you have not heard back from those hundreds of jobs that you have applied? Get frustrated and do nothing about it? Well, it’s about time to change that mindset!


Modify your cover letter and resume


You should make a personalized cover letter and resume for each job posting to match your qualifications to the employer’s needs. This means to match words used in their postings to your resume. The hiring manager needs to read your resume and is able to relate your experience to the job listing.


The resume’s duty is to show the employer that you are interested to work with the company. But the cover letter’s main task is to show why you want to work there. To make the cover letter even more unique, that you are very keen to work for the company. If you know anyone who worked in the company, the cover letter is a great place have it mentioned along with your experience using the product sold by the company.


Be in control


Don’t wait for things to happen. Make things happen. If you are truly interested in any jobs you have applied, you should take control and email or call to follow up. This way, you can understand what is your current status. However do not overdo it (too much calling or emailing), as this will come by as an annoyance.


Network with an employee


Talk to everyone you know and find out of anyone works in the company. Ask that person about the job, its current state, and if they know anyone for you to speak to. You want make a good impression to this person as they will represent you and might give you some pointers. Here are several other ways you can connect to an employee :

Company website – Contact email

LinkedIn – employees

Company social media – followers/friends

Company blogs – authors