Personal Branding


Personal branding is slowly becoming more important for job seekers today because of the easiness to access information online. So what exactly is Personal Branding?


What is personal branding?


Personal branding is like other major brands and products – Apple, Google, Amazon, McDonalds – but only about your unique skill sets, and abilities that make you you. Probably one of the first people that comes into your mind about personal branding would be Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and his Trump branded buildings, books, golf courses, TV shows, and many more. One of the most important brand that you can help support your company and your career is yourself!


But what is ‘yourself’? Yourself is everything that you have done, currently doing, and everything after that. You are creating your own unique fingerprint and imprint, both in the digital and present world.  


Why does personal branding matter?


Personal branding is important in today for both job seekers, employees, and employers alike. Personal branding is not just your resume, your business card, or even your linkedin account. It is more than that. Personal branding is not selling yourself to others, but opening up yourself to others. Personal branding is shaping yourself into a more marketable brand and creating a unique image and ethics.


Today, the average person switches jobs every  few years. As a result, more companies will start to offer contracts or freelance jobs. Furthermore, there is an increase in trend where employers google their candidates. Do you want your future employers to see an awkward picture of yourself from your own social media? Having a positive personal branding will create more open more doors for career advancement.


How do you develop a personal brand?


There are no set rules to create your own personal brand. But there are several key things you need to establish first to lay a strong foundation for your personal brand.


Clean up unwanted search indexes and social media content

Start by going on social media and delete or unpublish content that does not fit your personal brand. Next, google yourself or your alias taken from your social media profile. Open each link and check whether there are content that you can delete or unpublish.


Examples of types of content that are potentially damaging to your personal brand:

  • Unethical behavior
  • Drug and drinking use
  • Criminal behavior
  • Violence or bullying
  • Polarizing Views (political, gender, race, religion)


Set a clear purpose for yourself

Take a long hard look at yourself. You need to train to increase your self-awareness. Access your strengths and weaknesses. This might be the hardest step for a few people, especially for those just starting out their career path. If you understand what you makes you great and key areas that does not, you are able to easily highlight those points with confidence rather than stumble through them like what many people does during an interview.

Setting a purpose will enable you to create that uniqueness and add value to yourself, and  your company.


Find opportunities to market yourself

No, you do not have to go berserk posting every few hours on social media platforms. However, be mindful of what you post or tweet on social media as it will reflect on your personal brand. Once you have identified your purpose, you can begin to seek opportunities to market your personal brand.


Search for brands you can connect with to grow big together. Start with your surroundings, your school, your company, and your co-workers. There must be an alumni group from your highschool and university that you can join, network, and contribute to. Find some way that you can contribute to your company, an article that you can write in the monthly newsletter or a blog post?


Present yourself during the good and bad times on various social media platforms. This shows that you are not perfect and make mistakes. However during the bad times, showcase what you have learned from it and how this fall made you better than before.


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